Why December Is The Best Time To Perform Umrah

December umrah

Reasons to perform umrah in December, it is the best time when the whole UK is being decorated with ornaments, lights, and trees. People are out to avail of sales. Winter comes with a deal of having short days and long nights. It is the time when Muslims throughout the UK have nothing much to do except spend some quality time with family or dine out. This is the best time to spend it in the form of a vacation.

Many Muslims go back to their homeland during this season. It is such a great practice. But it is the best time as you do not have to take off as you are already having holidays and can make the best out of it.

Makkah city is the one that does not sleep. It is the place where you ask yourself what time is it. As it never stops. You can perform your Umrah or tawaf any time of the day and would find no difference. Umrah in December is not that much crowded as compared to Ramadan and Dhul Hajj.

Here are the reasons to do Umrah in December:

Reasons to do Umrah in December

Less crowded

Masjid al-Haram is filled with millions of people throughout the year and can be seen performing their umrah. Performing Umrah in December makes you eligible to perform your rituals very conveniently as it is less crowded. If it is your first time performing Umrah then it is the best time because it requires focus and dedication toward the rituals.

Pleasant Weather

It is a country where the temperature is always at its peak and is desert in nature. Umrah in December allows you to save yourself from the scorching heat of Makkah. It makes a difficult deal in summer because you cannot use deodorants and Ihram has its own rules to follow. Umrah in December is practically easier than in the summer because of the pleasant weather. You can roam around the streets of Makkah and Madinah and will not feel tired.

Shorter Duration between Salah

It is well known that in winter days are shorter and nights are longer. You can have plenty of time to rest at night if you are considering Umrah in December. Whereas in summer the last prayer Isha is prayed late and the Morning Prayer is prayed earlier. It gives you the access to finish your Salah earlier as compared to winters. It gives you more time to explore Makkah besides pilgrimage. Bringing souvenirs is also a part of this journey. Choosing and bringing the best stuff requires time to explore the local market.

Restoring Religious beliefs in your Family

It is the time when every head of the family needs to arrange something to bring the whole family on the same page in terms of religion. Laying a great foundation of Islam in your children’s thought and beliefs are the utmost responsibility in this era of fitnah. Umrah in December would allow you to utilize your holidays in a very effective manner. You must have taken your family on vacations to many places. But this vacation will be the most memorable and inspirational.

Reasonable Accommodation

As we discussed earlier that Umrah in December is less crowded as compared to other months. You can afford a hotel with a view of Masjid al-Haram and Masjid e Nabawi in your budget. You Can easily stay in a five-star or four-star hotel with other perks and benefits like breakfast etc. A near hotel gives you so much comfort. You can easily do ablution in the comfort of your room.

You can come whenever you want to rest between the salah breaks. If a hotel is far from these places then many people do not go back until they pray the last salah of the day. It is very tiring and exhausting, especially in the initial days. We offers best December Umrah packages deals. You can enjoy the lovely sight just across your window. Take full advantage of this season by spending your holidays in terms of Umrah.

Makes you cherish the privilege of doing Umrah

Umrah brings you closer to Almighty Allah and makes you feel connected to Allah. It is one of that acts that clean your whole slate. You can start over a new journey toward your inner/spiritual goals once you feel you achieve that connection. This could be the biggest life achievement and we should be thankful to Allah for blessing us to even think about doing Umrah in December.


Above are some reasons to perform umrah n December. No doubt Umrah has a lot of benefits. But if you consider doing Umrah in December it would make you plan it in your budget and it could be one of the best vacations. We at Kaabah Tours offers cheap umrah packages in December. Feel free to contact us. We will be happy o serve or resolve your queries.