Top Benefits of Video Chat App For Website and The Top Providers

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In recent years, the popularity of web video chat has been rising, and the figures have elevated even more since the pandemic.   

For businesses, this meant operating remotely, allowing employees to collaborate effectively while working from home, and it still is in a lot of industries. 

With that said, you still might have doubts if a video chat service is right for your business.

Or you could be trying to build an online video chat app, but aren’t sure which provider is right for you. Then this article is for you. So keep reading. 

The benefits of video chat apps 

  • Humanized digital communication

Most digital engagement channels are devoid of the human element of customer support.

If your brand focuses on consultative service to your customers, this could be a major concern.  

On the contrary, a video API rectifies this issue by enabling face-to-face customer conversations, virtually. 

Your brand can communicate better with your customers while providing a stronger sense of human connection. 

  • Enhanced customer experiences

Video customer support replicates the in-store experience precisely. A group video call enables visual as well as verbal engagement. This offers a great way to interact with a personal touch which enhances the digital customer experience.

Integrating video chat software into your website enables you to provide exceptional customer service experiences that will make your customers come back for more.  

  • Increased customer satisfaction

Adding a free video chat app option will increase your customer satisfaction rates because happy customers become repeat customers.

It is in the nature of a customer to make repeated purchases after a positive experience with a brand.

Having a video chat app for your website real-time communication offers your customers access to real-time, personal, face-to-face customer service.

This is what will make your customers feel they are valuable to you.  

  • Boost conversion rates

A live video chat is a powerful element for agents in closing sales deals productively.

Video calls increase conversions, and bring in new revenue. 

A video call allows sales agents to show customers your products and offer precise recommendations. 

It also increases your chances to upsell to a great extent and reduces cart abandonment rates. 

  • Improved efficiency  

A video call SDK resolves complex customer issues efficiently as it overcomes the limitations that are otherwise present in written communication and vice-only communication.  

A video call is a combination of both visual and verbal engagement that allows sharing of more information with a greater understanding. 

This increases the possibilities of a first contact resolution and also reduces the number of touchpoints. 

  • Faster resolution times

In addition to the chances of a first contact resolution, video chat improves the overall resolution.  

A video call also offers ease, clarity, and speed than any regular text-based web chat. 

And agents can walk customers through the appropriate solution. This means a resolution is reached faster than it would be through other channels. 

  • Competitive edge

You can beat your competitors if they do not have an online video chat app for their customers. You can move ahead by implementing a video chat feature.  

You can also easily expand your customer base by doing so without any further effort, be it financially, or in terms of extra manpower.  

And if your competitors are already having a video chat app, then that is reason enough for you to have one too.   

  • Video chats are cost-effective 

Video chat software bridges the gap between face-to-face and digital interactions.

This reduces the need for in-person meetings and the need to gather in a physical place. It is thus cost-effective in terms of eliminating the need to acquire a space.   


Though there are a few industries that always rely on in-person service over digital, it is not always a guarantee that in-store service will be viable.  

On the other hand, video chats allow you to provide face-to-face customer support irrespective of whether you have access to a branch. 

Choosing a video chat software provider

1. Contus Mirrorfly

CONTUS Mirrorfly is a both an on-cloud and self-hosted solution that is built to meet the needs of users. It is the best video call API and an exceptional in-app video call communication tool offering features to cater to seamless integration capabilities on apps regardless of the niches.  

It works great for businesses that look to integrate or develop collaboration platforms with real-time chat, voice, and video calling, and video

It is a highly secure and scalable video chat for websites that offers Chat APIs and Messaging SDKs. It has both self-managed and cloud pricing models for businesses. 

It has over 150+ chat, voice, and video calling features that can be integrated into any existing device easily.  

MirrorFly Features: 

  • Screen Sharing
  • You can use MirrorFly to share your screen with your colleagues or friends.
  • VoiP Calls
  • MirrorFly allows you to make voice calls over the Internet using the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Multiple users can work together in MirrorFly simultaneously.

2. Surfly

Surfly is suitable for B2B organizations that are looking for a video chat to help with:  

  • Contractual procedures
  • Onboarding clients
  • Sharing documents
  • Financial discussions

It excels in these areas if these are what you are after.

But, if providing exceptional customer experiences and driving sales or conversions are your focus, then you should consider other options.

3. Reve Chat

Reve Chat is suitable for B2C organizations and customer-focused communication.

It has a very user-friendly platform and it comes with similar capabilities to Talkative.

But there are some important differences. 

Reve Chat emphasizes chatbots and automation and it is much more suited to smaller organizations. This means it might not be an appropriate choice if you focus mainly on creating the best digital experiences possible.

4. Talkative

Talkative offers an omnichannel suite of digital contact channels designed to materialize the customer journey and make it tangible and interactive.

It offers great video call quality and it can be easily integrated with your other channels so your customers can switch between channels easily. 

It allows customers to connect via a video app from any mobile device, offering convenience and flexibility.


Our comparative study can give you enough clarity that CONTUS Mirrorfly is a promising contender in the market and the best solution for your evolving needs for a web video chat app. 

CONTUS MirrorFly is the most flexible solution that can work with you to create the best experiences possible for your customers. 

Reinvent your customer contact strategy with Mirrorfly. 

Book a demo with Try MirrorFly’s features on a 21 day trial period today to know how a video chat app can boost your conversions while offering you a fulfilling digital journey.

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