Top 10 Freelancing Skills of 2022


As the clock ticks down, more businesses are shifting their focus online. Desk jobs are shrinking, and business owners are increasingly looking to freelancers for their professional skills. An example is Salve, a Brazilian cosmetic company that blew up big time. Still, you won’t find it physically distributed, as it only works through Instagram and its website.

Because of how lucrative and profitable it can be, around 32% of the world’s workforce work as freelancers. And you can be one of them. Here, we bring you the top 10 freelancing skills of 2022.

Web Designing and Development

90% of your potential clients will exit your page if it is not navigable. This is where web designers or developers come in. Professional developers have the necessary skills—such as HTML, CSS, Java, and PHP—to make your website more appealing, ensuring client retention and increased sales.

If you’re into programming, get involved in AI development as it has the potential to flourish as one of the most in-demand freelancing skills of the future.

Shopify Store Designing

Online stores like Amazon, eBay, etc., provide many programs so that you can sell their products. You can do this on platforms like Shopify, which is constantly growing. This is why many people online will need your service to design a digital store for them. It’s not as complicated as some other freelancing skills but it can make you enough to get you through the day.

WordPress Website Builder

With just the help of YouTube and nothing more, WordPress is an in-demand freelancing skill in 2022 that you can learn for free. It was also the 7th most demanded freelancing skill in 2020, according to Upwork.

WordPress is a content management system that makes creating a website very easy. You can customize your online store as you wish. But not everyone knows how to insert the right plugin. This is why your services as a freelancer will be needed by businesses that want to increase sales.

Video Creation

When it comes to visuals, nothing catches the eye more than catchy yet concise videos that please the eye.

Video creators must consider the script, length, visuals, and objective when making a video. And not just businesses but YouTubers or Instagram influencers will also require your freelancing skill of video making. If you are good enough in this industry, there is no shortage of companies worldwide to hire you.

Graphic Designing

Every brand or company has a face. It uses this face to represent itself to the world. Apple has its apple, Samsung has its name, Nike has its swish, and Adidas has its stripes.

Businesses spend a lot of money on logos to represent themselves better. This is why freelancing skills are in demand. Because in the end, if the brand blows up and has a great logo, many people will want to copy it.

Digital Marketing

One website beautifully said, “Even if you have the best product in the world but are not a digital marketer, no one would know about it.” As freelancers, digital marketers promote a company’s brand by running various campaigns. This makes the freelancing skill very valuable because what company doesn’t want to drive more traffic to its site?

Digital marketers also use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube to drive traffic. This is called social media marketing. You can take courses and benefit from this fruitful freelancing skill.


Blockchain has a very lengthy definition, but, in short, it is a skill in which all cryptocurrency transactions are stored. It is technical, no doubt, but it is no less profitable as it ensures customer security despite the transaction information available online. Ross Ulrich used it to receive payment in bitcoin, the underworld mad scientist who used his website to sell illegal drugs.

Future businesses will need your freelancing skills in the blockchain because they are predicted to spend around $16 billion in the industry by 2023.

Content Writing/Copywriting

Words can have a sharper impact than swords. And smart businesses know this. They know that wonders can happen when the right freelancer sits down to bring his fists down on the keyboard. That is, sales will increase.

This freelancing skill is valuable because it uses various other skills like search engine optimization to rank your page on Google. Furthermore, even if your website is very handsome, but its content is rubbish, the client will leave empty-handed, knowing they had the momentary pleasure of witnessing a pretty website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You can use SEO in content writing, but as an individual freelancer skill, you need to be an expert. You must teach yourself how to research keywords properly and read Google Analytics and Search Console. Companies will require your expertise to rank their website on the first page of Google. As most businesses are shifting online, SEO has a bright future.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

This niche-specific freelancing skill requires businesses to hire certified accountants to manage their accounting books. Previously, accounting had to be done manually in separate books, making it difficult to find what you were looking for. Software like QuickBooks makes it much easier to manage accounts. With expertise in such apps and knowing how to make journal entries, you can provide your freelancing skills as a bookkeeper, prepare ledgers, and reconcile taxes and bank accounts.