Heart Broken Stories about floods in Pakistan


At night, I met with Dr. Rizwan Naseer, DG Rescue 1122.

 He narrated painful incidents regarding the flood, and his heart was broken.

Old Women and her Goat

We rescued a widowed older woman trapped in a flood at one place, and her goat was also with her, which was her total asset. On seeing this, the older man jumped after him. They searched for four hours and found neither the goat nor the widow’s body.

Poor goat of a woman

Dog and her four Cubs

At another place, a dog was trapped. We tried to rescue it, but instead of coming towards us, it kept shouting and running towards the house in the water. DG Rescue says that our boys went inside with incredible difficulty. What do you see? A dog and her cubs were saved from the water and kept on top of the wood, but three died. Only one was alive until we picked up all the cubs and put them in the boat with their mother on board. The mother dog was dead.

Poor Dog

Family with kids

We rescued a family; their hearts were breaking with their women’s screams because their two children were swept away in flood, whose bodies were not even found. They did not want to come from there. With great difficulty, brought them together,

Another place said that a stranded family was evacuated, and their child was born. Still, because of circumstances, stress, and other problems, the baby came early, and they both died because the mother and child didn’t get medical care. He also suffered a heart attack on the boat and was killed before being taken to the hospital. Now he had two orphaned girls behind him who were still with the rescue because the rest had no survivors.


Lord, who loves us more than seventy mothers, have mercy on us, Ameen.