Best Guide That Helps Write Enduring Issues Essay

Enduring Issues Essay

Are you struggling with an enduring issues essay? Well, you should know that enduring issues essays are a significant component of Global History and Geography examinations in New York State. Enduring essays differ from other types of essay writing you are familiar with. Endurance means an ability to survive over time. Similarly, enduring issues essay encompassing global history refers to those historical issues and problems which keep manifesting themselves. So, how do you prepare yourself for writing an endurance issues essay? The first thing to do is learn about the contents and structure of the essay. The second most important thing is to practice. This article will provide step-by-step instructions for writing an endurance issues essay.

What Is An Endurance Issues Essay?

Enduring issues essay refers to writing about enduring issues throughout history. An enduring issue or a problem survives over time and continues throughout history. The issues or problems that persist over time acquire different forms and shapes. Enduring issues are problems that different societies deal with and endure successfully or unsuccessfully. However, despite the various attempts of different societies to deal with the issues, they persisted over time. For example, an enduring issue is a clash between new ideas and old customs and traditions.

Enduring issues essays entail writing on those issues that people deal with on a daily basis. These issues or problems are directly related to history, geography, anthropology, and social studies. The study and analysis of enduring issues essays help students identify the persisting problems and attempt to find solutions. In a nutshell, enduring issues are those problems that are lasting, persistent, never-ending, perpetual, and recurring. However, due to the difficulty level of these types of essays, most students prefer to buy essay online.

What Are Some Examples Of Enduring Issues Essays?

Here are some examples of enduring issues essay:

  • Conflict
  • Discrimination and Inequality
  • Impact of humans on the environment and vice versa
  • Power
  • Technology
  • Colonisation
  • Industrialisation
  • Nationalism
  • Trade
  • Urbanisation
  • Human Rights Violations
  • Cooperation
  • Population Growth
  • Impact of environment on humans
  • Traditional cultures vs modernisation
  • Imperialism

How To Write Good Enduring Issues Essays?

You can write an outstanding enduring issues essay if you follow some tips and strategies. Here are the steps to take for writing an endurance issue essay:

Step 1: Identify The Enduring Issues And Topics

The first step in writing an enduring issues essay is to identify the current enduring issues. You will have to do preliminary research to identify the persisting issues and debates. Make a list of some enduring issues and debates. You will have to do some brainstorming and, based on your research, put down your reflections on the issue in writing. Write everything that comes to mind and assess which topics match your interests. Do not select any topic just because it seems important; instead, select a topic that seems interesting to you.

Step 2: Narrow Down The Topic

The next step for writing an outstanding endurance issues essay is to narrow down the scope of your topic. For example, if you want to write about an enduring issue of colonisation, you will have to narrow your scope to one or two aspects. You cannot possibly write an essay on the entire discourse of colonisation because it will be too broad. So, for example, if your enduring issues essay topic is colonisation, you can narrow down the topic’s scope to the following aspects:

  • The impact of colonisation on the education discourse of third world countries
  • What was the economic impact of colonisation on the colonised economies?
  • How do the policies of colonisation and imperialism persist today in forms of language and culture?

Step 3: Formulate a Thesis Statement

The third most important step is formulating a thesis statement for your endurance issues essay. A thesis statement is an arguable claim that defines the author’s stance. It is the central idea of an essay around which the whole essay revolves. Writers define their position in the form of a thesis statement at the beginning of the essay. It gives structure and coherence to the entire essay. The thesis statement determines the essay’s tone and helps readers navigate the essay. A thesis statement is not a vague or broad assertion. It must be a strong and coherent statement that you can support with evidence and examples.

Step 4: Gather all the Relevant Information

The fourth step requires extensive research. You must collect as much information as possible on the chosen topic. Gather information from multiple sources such as books, journals, magazine articles, and newspapers. Make sure you collect information from relevant sources and note down the references of sources for citations.

Step 5: Write down the Introduction

The fourth step for an endurance issues essay is to write the introduction section. The introduction section must provide background information to the readers. It must include attention grabbers to attract the reader’s attention. The introduction section must have the following components:

  • State your claim/thesis statement
  • Provide some background knowledge on the topic
  • Why is the chosen topic or enduring issue important? Provide a justification

Write the Main Body

The main body is the heart of the enduring issues essay. It is where you will describe the topic in detail and provide supporting evidence and examples. You can discuss the implications of the enduring issue and its impacts on society in the past and present times. For example, if the topic is about conflict, you can provide the facts and figures of the death toll and casualties due to this conflict. For example, one of the persisting conflicts is the hostility between Israel and Palestine.

You can discuss the implications of this conflict on the families. For example, how many people were sent into exile and what is the economic impact on people’s livelihood? The main body is not a summary of the topic. It requires analysis and evaluation. You will have to provide evidence and examples to support your stance. So, it is important to build coherent arguments supported by credible evidence.


In the conclusion section, you will reiterate your thesis statement and justify the overall implications of your essay. You can also give recommendations and possible solutions to solve the discussed issue. You can follow the guidelines mentioned above to write an endurance issues essay.