Alert for freelancers. Save yourself from Fraud


To take up freelancing as a career, you must be familiar with online scams and fraud. This article is about online scams. Please find out how online fraudsters of the digital world are cheating our general public, mainly the new freelancers and unskilled people. Instead, before understanding these things, understand when and how you can earn money. Always remember that doing business means you solve a problem for people or add value to their lives, for which you get paid.

Now, keeping this basic principle in front, let us first expose these scams (Scam/Fraud) and then talk about Real Online Earning Methods.

1) If someone tells you that you have to pay some money to view ads or post ads in other groups, he is only cheating you.

2) If someone asks you to invest on a website, that is confirmed Fraud, and this practice is quite old.

3) If someone tells you to form a networking team by adding more people, that, too, is a fraud.

4) People asking for any registration fee before or after giving you work are scamming you.

5) If you are asked to invest with us, even if they give you their identity documents, it is still a fraud.

6) These people mislead people by posting screenshots of money transactions (easy money + JazzCash) or bank transactions.

7) The famous dialogues of these robbers are, for example,

Scammer Text
Fraud of scammers
  • I want students who want to earn online while studying
  • I want families who make money by staying at home
  • If you have android mobile, then you can earn millions per month.
  • Some apps can earn 2 thousand rupees daily sitting at home etc…
Trap the students like this

In conclusion, using the internet, social media apps, and other forms of digital communication presents a significant danger of falling prey to a scam or other form of Fraud. Online scammers and cheaters are waiting for the right time to strike; they could be anywhere. Most people who get scammed are new freelancers, recent graduates, and students who don’t have much experience. Multiple reports of fraudulent activity involving internet use are obtained daily. Although the online market and freelancing jobs have significant potential for the future, you should ensure your financial stability before beginning to work online.